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The White Tiger Unicorn Herd

While trying to get a herd wide storyline going, it got confusing very quickly as to who was where at what time. So to try to help get everyone on the same page, at least once a week I will be updating this page with the whereabouts of everyone and the important events in the storyline. This line will be handled a little differently than others in the past. We would love for everyone to be involved in some way so it is an open storyline. There might be some parts that are worked out what will happen in private. When that happens, it will be posted in the subject line "private" so that everyone will know if they haven't been contacted in email or im not to get involved. If it does not say "private" then anyone who joins in will count. We still have a few major plot points to work on and anything important will be posted here so everyone will know.

Dark Forest Rescue

The evil wizard Darcy Fang has reared his head in the dark forest near the White Tiger Unicorn Herd. With the help of a young boy named Ken, he has captured a unicorn colt named Sheen who Ken had set free to live with the herd.

Current location of active characters in the herd lands:


Confusion reigns! Sheen has been rescued but now Kalana is in Ken's clutches!


     When Marcus opened the magic portal from the headlands to the corral, Michael, Sunset, and Cammy went through. Sunset stayed in the portal to hold it open. Serenity had followed Kalana to the corral and made her escape into through the portal after turning into human form. Marcus had thought of the idea of digging under the force field to release Sheen and the horses trapped inside. Before leaving, Serenity had tried to help by using magic and Darcy Fang was alerted. He sent Ken to investigate. While everyone hid in the hole, Kalana, in human form, tricked Ken into removing the magic harness from Sheen. Sheen escaped, as did the horses, but Kalana was captured and injured by Ken. Back at the willow tree home, the group fills in those who were left behind. But everything is not well in the headlands. Something very odd is happening.