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The White Tiger Unicorn Herd
Rules for our herd

Our rules are simple I think. If anyone has a problem with anything, please feel free to email me.

Respect: This is out biggest rule. Respect everyone in the herd. If you have a problem with someone, take it outside the club. That shows respect to the person you have the problem with and the rest of the members who don't want to be dragged into an argument. Of course, problems will arise during the role-play that involve the storyline, but if it is outside the story, please keep it there.

Storylines: There have been problems with how storylines are handled in the past and present. Hopefully, this will clear up all problems. Most storylines are open, anyone and everyone is welcome to jump in. Some are private though. If you are starting a private line, you must say so in the first post, or even in the subject line. If you put it in the subject line, then it will be in every post after that that it is private. If someone does jump into a private storyline, it is the responsibility of all allowed within the line to tell the person what is happening and asks them to back out. If you dont post it within 24 hours or if someone in the storyline posts responding in character to the post, the post should stand. Do not just ignore the outside post, you must post that it is outside the line. And please be kind about how you tell the person jumping in. Don't call names or anything like that. Just state that it is a private storyline and to please not interrupt again. Before you jump into a storyline, make sure you read some of the back posts with the same subject line to get an idea of what is going on and to make sure it isnt private.

Cussing: Everyone cusses, that is the flat out truth. But sometimes it goes too far. There are children in this group, ages are hard to prove online but I'm sure some don't need to hear such language so badly. So a few swear words here and there are fine, but a post filled with it will be deleted no questions asked.

Powers of characters: We have no problem with characters having whatever powers they want, but no one is unbeatable all the time. Everyone has flaws so please don't make your characters unbeatable. What fun is that?





Posting fights: When there are rp fights, please don't do auto hits. In other words, don't kill someone in one post. You have to give them time to respond to what you do. Example - my character strikes out at another with my hoof. I can say I hit the other across the head with a hard blow and it is left to the other to say he is cut or knocked down. This makes things better between characters without someone killing someone else and them coming back screaming foul play. This also goes for healing other characters. Sometimes someone may want their character to be hurt and heal naturally. So if you don't want someone to do something to your character, think of how they feel about theirs. There is only one except to this rule. The founders, PJ and I, have the right to post a killing post when we ban someone from the group. No one else can post someone's death or forced leaving of the herd unless it is their own character they are doing it to.
Spam: Many people have their own web sites or groups that they would like to promote. That is fine with us, to a point. This is a role-playing group mostly, with real life thrown in at times, and we would like to keep things going. If you are playing along with us, feel free to add your site or group at the bottom of a post, or if it is new or in need of help, make an OOC post promoting it. But if you are just joining and arent planning to play along, we would prefer if you not post your site. We are not here for advertising alone. Also, if your site doesnt have anything to do with something that might interest the group, please dont post it. Especially adult orientated sites. This group has appeal to younger people who should not see things like that.
Banning: We are a very open herd and accept everyone with open arms. But some people take things too far. The rules are in place for reasons and when they are broken, you will be given a warning and then banned. We try to give everyone a chance but we will not be bullied in our own home.
We thank everyone for trying to follow these rules. If you have any problems with anything at all, please feel free to email either PJ or myself. We want everyone to get along and to enjoy the herd.

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