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The White Tiger Unicorn Herd


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This page contains the writings of some of our members. Do not take anything off this page without asking the author first. Click on the person's name after their poem to email him or her.

You came to me in a dream
and I can NEVER let you leave.
You jump on clouds
and slide on rainbows.
You are stars and you are raindrops
you are sun and you are laughter
you are trusted and you are true
you'll be my dream for ever after
just because I LOVE YOU!

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As the nights turn cold,
   and the days stay mild.
   My inner thoughts align,
   and my heart beats quicken
   for I know...
   Scurrying here and there,
   packing a picnic lunch.
   Grabbing my camera on my way out the door,
   into my car and down the road.
   Out the ridge, along the curving country roads,
   down the hill, into the valley,
   all around I witness the beauty of fall.
   Colors bursting forth many hued,
   neither my words nor my paintbrush can quite capture...
   The maples in reds, scarletts and crimsons so brilliant,
   or the oaks standing stately in rusty russets, oranges and browns.
   The elders and birches in yellows and golds,
   the beauty of autumn never grows old.
   Colors abound, screaming out loud,
   "Look at me" as far as the eye can see.
   Then I feel it, the momentary sadness,
   the pang of death and dying.
   All to soon it passes away,
   with the knowledge, 'tis not a death'
   Only a rejuvenating slumber,
   beneath winters wonderland.
   As nature rests and prepares,
   in all her gloriousness, I see the inconsequentialness
of being human.
   For soon Mother Nature will rise,
   once again on the scene, in awesome wonder.
   Splendid in her never ending shades of green...
   Then, inside, I know
   She's telling me...
   Hope springs eternal!


Friends come in different,
shapes and sizes.
Inside we are the same,
with no disguises.
Souls connect and,
hearts entwine.
There seems to be,
no reason, no rhyme.
This is what happened,
the night we met.
We talked, we shared,
our friendship was set.
Along the way, thru the months,
we've had ups and downs.
We argue and sometimes fight,
to one another we always come round.
I know we are blessed, even lucky,
nothing's ever set in stone.
When the heat dies, and the clouds part,
we are friends together,
never alone!